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The service is dedicated to citizens, institutions, organizations and companies that wish to receive information or give reports on activities of the Civil Protection Department's area of competence. In particular, it directly manages the citizens’ requests, and addresses requests and reports of institutions, organizations and companies to the competent offices of the Department. The main contact tools are the tool free number 800 840 840 and the online form "Write to the Contact Center", along which the traditional fax and ordinary mail.

The service provides answers to:

  • territorial risks and rules of behaviour;
  • national regulations;
  • activities and competences of the Department;
  • activities and competences of the National Civil Protection Service;
  • initiatives and information material.


There is an ID code for each request: the citizen will receive it by phone or e-mail, following his report. By communicating the code to the operator of filling the "State of request" form on this website, the citizens can monitor the processing state of their own request.


In case of requests not regarding the competences of the Civil Protection Department, the user will be redirected to the competent institution or structure. In particular, it is necessary to remind that the Contact Center is an information service for citizens and does not substitute traditional emergency numbers (e.g.. 115, 112, 113, 118, etc).

The Contact Center has been created on 4 July 2011. One year after the launch, we have published a dossier with the most significant data on the citizens’ requests, in particular during civil protection events or emergencies. A section tells the evolution of the project and the future developments


800 840 840 is a toll free number also from mobile numbers.Ordinarily, the service works from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday to Friday.

When the service is closed, a voice mail is active for leaving messages and data to be called back. The voice mail is automatically activated also when all operators are busy.

During crisis or emergency situations the service can be extended up to a 24 hours coverage. Any time variation will be published on

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