The National Civil Protection service is organised as a complex system. Within the system, the responsibility in the activities of forecasting, prevention, relief and overcoming emergency situations are assigned to several Bodies and operative structures, .due to the complexity of the domestic situation of risks actually requires the coordinated and synergic use of all the skills and resources available.

Article 6, paragraph 1, of law n. 225 dated February 24, 1992 actually lays down the components of the National Service: 

  • State administrations
  • Provincial councils
  • Municipalities
  • Mountain communities

Besides local boards, there are other organizations and institutions that might concur to manage a civil protection event. The following are also components: 

  • Public boards
  • Institutes and scientific research groups with civil protection purposes
  • Any institution or organization, also private
  • Citizens
  • Associated groups of volunteers 
  • Professional associations and boards

Over the years, lany civil protection competence has been progressively be handed from the State to regional administrations and local autonomies. Le tappe principali di questo processo sono state il decreto legislativo n. 112 del 1998 e la modifica del titolo V della Costituzione con la legge costituzionale n. 3 del 18 ottobre 2001. Con quest’ultima legge la protezione civile è divenuta materia di legislazione concorrente, per cui, salvo che per la determinazione dei principi fondamentali, il potere legislativo spetta ai Governi regionali. Ogni regione ha implementato i principi della legge n. 225 del 1992 in leggi regionali e si è organizzata con un proprio sistema di protezione civile.

At the various levels, the components of civil protection have to deepen the risk knowledge and envisage useful interventions to reduce the possibility of catastrophes occurrence and to limit possible damage. Information to the population and indications about rules of behaviour are fundamental in order to protect the territory from possible risks.


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