Functional centres network

Centro funzionaleThe Civil Protection Department and the regions have prepared a highly sophisticated network of monitoring and alerting which provides information to support the decision making processes of risk management.

The set up of a regional functional centre active 24 hours a day is envisaged. It will be responsible for collecting, processing and sharing all the meteorological, seismic, volcanic and hydrological data available which is interpreted on the basis of models and simulations of calamitous events.

When a particular risk threshold is exceeded, for example in the event of precipitation, floods or forest fires, warnings are issued which start up the first phases of a sequence of alerts that may lead to actions of contrast or preparation to the emergency or to the evacuation order.

The central Functional Centre
The Central Functional Centre has the job of monitoring and analysing data concerning crisis situations in Italy and abroad, through a multi-risk approach, and of providing assistance to the regions that do not yet have a functional centre.

For events requiring an intervention on a national level, an effective sequence of procedures is established which consists of formulating the event scenarios necessary for defining the suitable interventions of civil defence in real time.
The Central Functional Centre is divided into categories of risk.

The Central Functional Centre for hydrogeological and hydraulic risk
The alert system for hydrogeological and hydraulic risk is assured by the Department of Civil Defence and by the regions by means of the network of Functional Centres which makes it converge, concentrate and integrate with one another:
• the quality and quantity data determined by the weather-water-rainfall networks, by the national weather radar network, by the various satellite platforms available for observation from earth;
• the territorial hydrological, geological, geomorphological data and that deriving from the landslide monitoring systems;
• the weather, hydrological, hydrogeological and hydraulic modelling.

The Functional Centre for Volcanic risk
It is the internal technical-scientific support structure of the Civil Defence Department where the signals of the main monitoring and supervision systems managed by the Competent Centres converge, so that the critical data and information can be shared and assessed rapidly, in the event of a volcanic crisis.
The Central Functional Centre for forest fire risks
The management of the alert system or forest fires is assured by the Department of Civil Defence by means of the Central Functional Centre (CFC) which issues a daily bulletin of susceptibility to triggering forest fires on the whole domestic territory, determining three levels of danger for each province (low – medium – high).