Centres of competence

programma gmesThe centres of competence provide services, information, data, processed data and technical-scientific contributions in specific fields. They may coincide with the functional centres or be external, but participate in the network of functional centres by stipulating agreements which determine the activity environments of each structure.

The centres of competence collaborate on a functional and operative level in the national alert system made up of the network of functional centres and of the regional structures and managed by the Department of Civil Protection and by the Regional Governments. They particularly contribute in collecting information useful for predicting, monitoring and supervising the various types of phenomenon.

State administrations, universities and research institutes are included amongst the centres of competence which collaborate with the network of functional centres. A complete list of them with the relevant functions is described in decree no. 4327 dated September 11, 2007. They cease to be considered centres of competence if they do not achieve the objectives defined in the agreement.

There follows a list of the centres of competence, according to the type of structure, with brief description of their role and of their contribution to the forecasting and monitoring networks of the functional centres. The detailed description of each centre of competence is reported in decree no. 4327 dated September 11, 2007.



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