Contact Center regulations

The contact center is the new communication channel of the Civil Protection Department to give information and receive reports from the citizens. It is integrated by other official communication and information  tools of the Department-  – the website, the Civil Protection magazine and its facebook page, and the publications.

Working hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. The system manages on a single IT platform requests received by the Civil Protection Department via telephone, online form, fax or letter, following procedures elaborated and shared amont the offices. In crisis or emergency situations the service can have a 24-hours coverage.

The contact center is not an emergency service and does not substitute traditional emergency numbers.

The project retrieves the experience of the citizen's help desk activated by the Department, in collaboration with FormezPA during the Abruzzo earthquake emergency, now extended to the whole national territory.

Response times
Quality commitments


Creating a direct communication flow between citizens and the Civil Protection Department during ordinary, critical or emergency situations.

Facilitate exchanges among institutions, organizations, companies and Civil Protection Department.

Create a sole collection centre for requests and citizens' reports that arrive to the Civil Protection Department in order to guarantee transparency, traceability and monitoring.

Consolidate the collaboration network with boards and administrations, both central and local.


The contact center is available to anyone wishing to receive information or give a report on activities covered by the Civil Protection Department's area of expertise. In particular:

  • Answers to citizens' requesti and reports;
  • Addresses instititutions, organizations and companies' requests and reports to the revelant offices of the Department.


The main contact tools are the tool free number and the online form on

Toll free number 800 840 840
The tool free number, free of charge from landlides and mobile phones, works from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

During crisis or emergency situations the service can be extended up to a 24 hours coverage. Any time variation will be published on

Outside this time slot or when all operators are busy, it is possible to leave a message on the voice mail, regularly monitored: the citizen can leave his data to be contacted afterwards.

It does not substitute traditional emergency numbers in any case (e.g. 115, 118).

Online form
On users can insert their requests or reports by filling an online form and giving their name, surname, e-mail address and, in case, a telephone number to be contacted. Requests inserted on the online form are processed, ordinarily, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

After the data entry, the user receives a message stating that their request is being processed, summing up all inserted data and a file ID code.

For now, the online form does not allow to attach documents. Who wishes to do so, may report it on the request and leave their telephone number; they will contacted afterwards by an operator who will acquire the document and associate it to the request or report.

Request, and possible attachments, arriving to the Department via ordinary mail or fax are managed following the contact centre procedures as well.

The Contact Center replies only to requests in Italian and English



Informs citizens, administrations, organizations and companies on activities of the Civil Protection Department's area of competence.
Collects reports and proposals on activities of the Civil Protection Department.

Gives to the citizen the possibility of being informed on the processing state of the request by calling the toll free number 800 840 840 or inserting the file ID code on

  • With these modalities, the citizen knows whether his request is "being processed" or "ready". In the first case he has to wait for a response, that might request a research activity or the involvement of Offices or Services  of the Department. In the second case, he call call the toll free number and obtain an immediate response or wait for a call from the contact center, according to the times established by the regulations.

Contacts users singularly or divided into groups - also via text messages - in case of specific needs of the Department.

Response times

Phone requests

  • Immediate response: when the operator's knowledge can provide an answer;
  • Response within the day: when the response can be given through a rapid information research.

Online requests

  • Response within 7 days: when the operator's knowledge can provide an answer or the response can be given through a rapid information research.

Phone and online requests

  • Response within 40 days: when requests are complex and require particular in-depth examination by Offices and Services of the Department.

The time-limit of 40 days is valid also for citizens' requests sent to the Department via ordinary mail or fax and then forwarded to the Contact Center.

During this period of time operators will inform the user of the processing state of their request.

Whenever a technical evaluation or opinion of another administration is necessary in order to close a file, the 40-days time-limit is suspended until the final answer is acquired.

Quality commitments

Answers are written using a clear and simple language for the citizen.

Every request is registered in a system, through which is possibile to carry out a constant monitoring, both qualitative and quantitative, producing statistics for internal and external use. Data are processed according to Italy Privacy Law - legislative decree no. 196 of 2003. 

The toll free number can manage 100 calls per hour, during peak situations. Phone calls are monitored by the Contact Center manager with control tools, to manage traffic peaks and guaratee the maximum reception rate.