Budget 2013 of the Department of Civil Protection

For the year 2013 the Department of Civil Protection has been assigned 2,463,059,708 euros. The amount was determined by laws no. 228 and no. 229 of 24 December 2012 (respectively, stability law and budget law 2013), on top of which there are 7,000,000 euros, integration introduced by the second note of variation of the stability law 2013.
Such amount is given by the total of the allocations of the Programme “Civil Protection” - Mission “Civil Rescue” allocated in the state of prediction of the expenses of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The amount is assigned to the major areas:

Mortgages - 1,196,318,917 euros (about 48,57% of total amount), for payment of instalments of mortgages taken out by the Regions to finance reconstruction and compensation of damages caused by major natural calamities occurred over the past years and for the organization of "major events";
Oriented funds - 1,169,772,735 euros (about 47,49% of total amount) for interventions authorized and whose allocation is established by regulating dispositions;
Fund for civil protection - 54,610,056 euros (about 2,22% of total amount) for funding interventions and institutional activities of prevention and prediction of emergencies and coverage of other requirements of the Department's structure;
Compulsory and operating expenses - 42,358,000 euros (about 1,72% of total amount) to cover compulsory burden for the Department's personnel and operating expenses.

The budget of the Department of Civil Protection is in table no. 13 of the expected budget of the Presidency of Council of Ministers approved with decree of the President of the Council of Ministers on 14 December 201, published on the Official Gazette in the Serie Generale no.13 of 16 January 2013 - Suppl. Ordinario no. 5.

From January 2014 the budget of the Department of Civil Protection, part of the budget of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers , is published on www.governo.it at the page Bilancio di previsione e conto finanziario (italia) in the page Amministrazione Trasparente.