Public Notices and Announcements

We publish in this section public annonucements, with notices and outcomes, and procedures with relative assignement contracts of the Civil Protection Department. Announcements can be consulted up to 180 prior to the publication of results (dpcm of 26 April 2011). Each content has its summary with parameters of the dpcm of 26 April 2011.

To make the search easier, contents can be sorted by “Type of Public Announcements and other procedures”, “Procedure”, “Type of expense”, “Type of contract”, “State” and “Date”.

  • Type of Public Announcements and other procedures sorts contents by type: Notice, Public Announcement and other procedure, Result, Contract. 
  • Procedure allows to choose contents according to the type of procedure: open, limited, negotiated with publication of public annoucement, negotiated without publication of public annoucement, on a budget and stipulated as part of the Consip/Mepa convention.
  • Type of expense sorts contents by activity: Department's Functioning, Risk prediction and prevention, Emegency Management, Management of Air Fleet.
  • Type of contract allows to search procedures dividing them into Works, Services and Supplies.
  • State detects open procedures, i.e. procedures for which it is still possible to make an offer and the expired ones.
  • Date refers to the publication date of the content Announcement or other procedure.


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