Meteo-Hydro alert

Weather forecasts with civil protection purposes differ from the standard weather forecasts as they highlight scenarios potentially damaging for people or properties. They are processed by Regions and by the Department and are summarized daily in the Bulletin of national weather vigilance.

Hydraulic and hydrogeological criticalities (inundation, landslides, flooding) that might occur on the territory are evaluated on the basis of weather events expected in each Region and Autonomous Province. Such evaluations end up in the Bulletin of national criticalities that the Department issues daily. Regions and Autonomous Provinces have the task of branching out the alerts to local systems of civil protection, whereas the Mayors have the tasks to activate emergency planning, inform the citizens on risky situations and decide which actions to carry out to protect the population.

This section contains the Bulletin of vigilance and the Georeference Bulletin of criticalities that allow to verify the presence of criticalities linked to hydraulic or hydrogeological phenomena. To understand which are the effects and damages expected for the various levels of criticalities, consult the table of scenarios. In this section is also available the latest press release rergarding the prediction of weather events or significant criticalities.

Being aware and prepared is the best way to prevent and reduce risks. Visit the web sites of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, to get detailed alerts and weather forecasts of your territory and read carefully the correct behaviours to adopt in case of emergency, as described in the page “Are you prepared?” of this section.

Previsioni meteo

    descrizione immagine

    Questa mappa rappresenta le previsioni meteo per oggi ed è contenuta nel bollettino di vigilanza meteorologica nazionale, pubblicato quotidianamente alle 15. Il bollettino contiene anche le previsioni meteo per i giorni successivi.

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Criticità previste

    Questa mappa rappresenta le criticità/allerte previste per oggi ed è contenuta nel bollettino di criticità nazionale/allerta, pubblicato ogni giorno, di norma, alle 16. Il bollettino contiene anche le criticità/allerte previste per il giorno successivo.

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