Ecobale emergency in PiombinoRemoval of secondary solid fuel ecobale (SSF) in the Gulf of Follonica

The Council of Ministers, upon proposal of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, on July 22, 2020, declared a state of emergency for six months following the dispersion of secondary solid fuel ecobales (SSF) in the waters of the Gulf of Follonica and appointed the Head of the Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli, as coordinator of the interventions.


Stazione spaziale cineseReturn to Earth of the Chinese space station Tiangong 1

From March 2016 the space station started its return to Earth that will end between March 28 and April 4 2018.


Cruise ship Concordia emergency

La nave Concordia di fronte all'Isola del GiglioJanuary 20, 2012,  the President of the Council of Ministers proclaims the state of emergency for the cruise ship Costa Concordia shipwreck in the Giglio Islan undil January 31, 2013 and extended until December 31, 2014. The Commissioner delegated is the Head of Civil Protection Department Franco Gabrielli, appointed by opc no 3998.


Sarno river Emergency

Inquinamento del fiume The de-pollution of the Sarno river, began with the Special Project to clean up the entire Gulf of Naples in 1973. More than thirty years later any conclusion has been achieved despite the institutions' constant attention.


Lambro e Po rivers emergency

Foce LambroOn March 1,  2010, the Head of the Council of Ministers declared the state of emergency on Lambro river until February 28, 2011.


Orbetello lagoon clean-up

Foto aerea OrbetelloThe interventions of the various Commissioners carried out from 1994 until today aimed at the construction of water channels for the renewal of the waters of the lagoon mouths, the removal of eutrophic effluents present in the lagoon and the collection of macroalgae.


The securing of the Ecolibarna site in Serravalle Scrivia

Foto aerea EcolibarnaThe securing of ex Gastaldi lubricating Oils site, trasformed in Ecolibarna is ongoing. In June, 2003, with the Decree of the Head of Ministers  the state of emergency is declared.



Campania waste emergency

Termovalorizzatore di Acerra December 31, 2009 ended the waste emergency in Campania, as provided by Law no. 123 of July 14, 2008. Waste management fallen within the ordinary system and the competence of the local authorities.